1998 Developing and using interactive multimedia for school counseling

Work in progress

Miriam L. Wagner and Christopher I. Cobitz

This manuscript reports the method and results of a project to develop counseling materials in an interactive multimedia format for elementary and middle school students.

1997 The Use of Curriculum Matrixes for improving Instruction

Work in progress

Christopher I. Cobitz and Denise E. Hedrick

This project uses a matrix method for analyzing the amount of time spend teaching an object and develops activities that maximize a student’s exposure to content through the use of multi-level activities.

1997 A Paradigm for the use of Standardized Tests in Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness

Unpublished work

Christopher I. Cobitz and Denise E. Hedrick

This manuscript presents the results of a research study on student achievement in light of previous achievement and its application in evaluating teacher effectiveness and formulating teacher development activities.

1997 The ICARE Program as an Example of a Cost Effective Reading Intervention Program

Work in progress

Denise E. Hedrick and Christopher I Cobitz

An article reviewing the Davidson County ICARE reading intervention program and its effects on at-risk first graders.

1996 The role of epistemological stance in teacher effectiveness patterns

Unpublished work

Christopher I. Cobitz and Denise E. Hedrick

This manuscript presents an interpretation of teacher survey results revealing linkage between teacher espoused epistemology and effectiveness patterns.


1998 The Three C's Project

submitted, US Department of Education

Technology Innovation Challenge Grant Program

Christopher I Cobitz

NCA&T State University, Rockingham County Schools, Randolph County Schools, Alamance County Schools, Caswell County Schools.

This $6,200,000 grant proposes the development of a technology mentoring system across four school systems and a teacher training institution. The highlights of this program include internet based instruction, support and development of skills.

1998 Multimedia Internet accessible Biology for Undergraduates and Teachers

in progress, National Science Foundation

Curriculum and Course Development Program

Christopher I Cobitz, Dorothy Leflore, Perry Mack, and Joeseph Whittaker

NCA&T State University

This $1,000,000 grant proposes the development of a multimedia based computerized instruction series of introductory Biology courses. These courses would have K-12 lessons attached to allow educators to learn the biological concepts and immediately use them in their classrooms.

1998 Multimedia Evaluation training tools for Administrators

Pending, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Evaluation Improvement Program

Christopher I Cobitz and Miriam L. Wagner

NCA&T State University

This $20,000 grant proposed the development of a simulation based computerized instructional tool to train school administrators to improve their evaluation abilities.

1997 Increased Active Learning Time Project

Unfunded, University of North Carolina

Improving Classroom Technology Program

Christopher I Cobitz and David Boger

NCA&T State University

This $50,000 grant proposed restructuring courses on the NC A&T State University campus into technology aided and Internet based courses.

1996 A Clinical Model for Teacher Education

Unfunded, BellSouth Foundation

Recreating Schools of Education Grant Program

David Boger, Fred Wood, Larry Powers, Karen Guy, and Christopher I Cobitz

NCA&T State University

This $450,000 grant proposed restructuring the NC A&T State University, School of Education around a clinical model focusing on increasing student activity in public schools and utilizing technology to link university classrooms to public school classrooms.

1995 STAR schools program-

Unfunded, State Department of Public Instruction

Kathy Jordan, Denise E Hedrick, and Christopher I. Cobitz

Davidson County Schools

A grant to provide technology assistance to at-risk elementary students and training in the use of virtual reality worlds.

1994 One world project

Unfunded, Microsoft Corporation

Christopher I. Cobitz, Denise E. Hedrick, and Russell O. Gobble

East Davidson High School

A grant for technology assistance for sharing project to assist elementary schools.



1997 Classroom Management Simulations.

Work in progress

Christopher I. Cobitz, Thomas Smith, et. al.

This interactive movie simulates a classroom. The participant must choose the appropriate strategy to correctly control the learning environment to maximize all students’ opportunity to learn.