Computer Fundamentals for Teachers
Competency #8 Media Communications
Module #8.1.1

Specify multiple-columns

Getting there

So let's start with the basics... print based products are the ones that you intend to put on paper for distribution.  For most of this area, you will use a desktop publishing program like Microsoft Publisher (or Adobe PageMaker, or even the writing center).  Below are some of the option for layouts:811.gif (8988 bytes)


There are many more.

The major difference is the page LAYOUT.

This is the way the pictures and words appear on the page.

Things like are there columns or just one wide block?

Does the product fit on the paper in portrait or landscape orientation?  

Microsoft Word will allow you to layout columns.  Unfortunately, it does not provide column GUIDES.  Look at the ruler below:811a.gif (2801 bytes)
Notice there are white areas between blocks of blue.  The edge of the blue blocks are the column guides (in Word).  It gets really difficult to see these guides when you are most of the way down a page.

Now look at a Publisher screen:811b.gif (2656 bytes)


Notice that there are column lines all the way down the page.

This will be useful later.

Also notice that there is a box around the outside of the area that will hold your text.  These are your margins.

Before we go into how you set up columns, let's think about columns.  

First you should decide on how many columns and why...  If you intend to do a trifold brochure, you should leave some space in between the columns so your words don't span across the folds.  Obviously, for a trifold brochure you will need 3 columns.  Other than that, the actual number is a matter of personal preference.

Here is how to do it (in Publisher, other programs use a similar method).811c.gif (2755 bytes)


Use the ARRANGE menu and choose LAYOUT GUIDES.  (in Word it is FORMAT and COLUMNS)

You should see a screen something like this:811d.gif (8674 bytes)

Notice the section that is titled "Grid Guides"

Increase the number of columns until you have the number you want.

(if you put a check in the box by CREATE TWO BACKGROUNDS, you will produce two FACING pages like in a textbook)

Exercise #1

Use either your desktop publishing or word processing program and setup a page for 2 columns.

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