Computer Fundamentals for Teachers
Competency #8 Media Communications
Module #

Set up horizontal & vertical guides
Use column guides & rulers (position zero, lock/unlock guides, reposition rulers, equal/unequal columns)

Getting there

So in Module 8.1.1 we set up columns and their guides.  How about horizontal guides?  Well the top and bottom margins can count.  But if you use ARRANGE LAYOUT GUIDES and increase the number of ROWS, you will have more horizontal guides like these:8112.gif (3098 bytes)

You can use these guides for many things.

For instance, if you want to import text from a file, you will be expected to draw a box over the area the text should fill.  These guides will allow you to arrange the text so the different items line up.

Look at this:8112a.gif (3441 bytes)

This is a TEXT BOX for adding text to your document.

This was drawn by using the TEXT TOOL form the TOOL PALETTE.

Look:8112b.gif (2398 bytes)

The A is the text tool.  It will turn your mouse into a cross hair for use in drawing a text box.

The cactus is the image tool.  It will turn the mouse into a cross hair for drawing a box to insert an image file.

Oh, I suppose it is time to mention some concepts.  In quality desktop publishing programs, you do the word processing in a word processor and the artwork in a drawing or paint program.  This allows you to use the best advantages of each program.

There is one other trick, look at this piece of screen:8112c.gif (2331 bytes)

The red was added for effect.  Notice how the mouse location (big red blob) is tracked on the rulers.

This allows you to use the rulers to guide the placement of items on the screen.

(Oh after you have drawn your text or graphic box, go to INSERT to pick the file you would like to insert.

Exercise #1

Open a desktop publishing program and practice drawing text and graphic boxes set to the grids and then rulers.

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