Computer Fundamentals for Teachers
Competency #8 Media Communications
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Create Table of Contents, Index

812e.gif (4209 bytes)

Getting there


This is best done with a full featured word processor like Microsoft Word.  Simply click on INSERT and then choose INDEX and TABLES





This will open a dialogue box like this:812f.gif (8095 bytes)

The way a table of contents works is by automatically grabbing words in a certain style and placing them in the table along with the page number.

You can select which styles by clicking on OPTIONS.  You will see:812g.gif (5471 bytes)

Notice you can adjust which styles are included and what level they will appear in the table of contents.




INDEXES are a little more difficult.  This is because you must tell the program which words to index.  This can be done by creating a CONCORDANCE file.   This file will contain a list of the words you want to index.812h.gif (8894 bytes)

This option is located under AUTOMARK.

MARK ENTRY will allow you to select the words for your index from the document.


Exercise #1

Try it with an existing document.

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