Computer Fundamentals for Teachers
Competency #8 Media Communications
Module #8.2.1

Ensure good design features

Getting there

Look at the following slide so we can talk....821a.gif (41282 bytes)

Notice how small the words are.

Notice the pictures that do not mean much.

Notice the complete sentences.

The text should be in a color that stands out.

At least the title is big enough (about 36 point in a standard font).

Now look at this one!821.gif (51622 bytes)

LARGE font.

Six lines or less.

Just key words, not sentences.

Graphics enhance concept.

Colors contrast with background.

Each line unfolds individually to help focus attention.

And, of course, clear handouts so the audience does not have to focus too much attention on writing.

Got it?

Exercise #1

Evaluate this slide!821b.gif (79441 bytes) home

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