Computer Fundamentals for Teachers
Competency #8 Media Communications
Module #8.2.2

Select template

Getting there

What???  So most presentation programs have some templates where you can just fill in the blanks.  Using Microsoft PowerPoint, you can choose one from the opening screen that looks like this:822.gif (9443 bytes)

So what will this do? 

How do I know what to choose?

These are slide backgrounds and color schemes set up by professional designers.

This makes creating a presentation a snap.

(You'll see how to do that later)

When you click OK you will see:822a.gif (21437 bytes)











Click on one of the icons on the left and see an example on the right!   It is just that simple!

How will you choose?  Ensure that the template uses the elements of good design (see 8.2.1).  Some templates are hard to read.  Also be artistic.... use a color you like, and a design that coincides with your presentation's tone.

So how do you do this if you have already started a presentation?   Simply....822b.gif (5426 bytes)





You will then see a screen like this:




822c.gif (20719 bytes)Just like before, click on a template on the left and see it on the right.  Click APPLY to use the template.

Exercise #1

Open your presentation program and apply a template. home

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