Computer Fundamentals for Teachers
Competency #8 Media Communications
Module #8.2.4

Define/edit color scheme

Getting there

Presentations are made up of SLIDES.  You can adjust the color scheme for slides individually or for the whole slide show.  There are 2 ways to adjust colors.  look here:824.gif (77771 bytes)


Notice how a box pops up when you highlight the words.


You can highlight the words to change their color.


We will use the box in the next module.


First, highlight the words (like above) and then do FORMAT and choose FONT 824b.gif (2210 bytes)

This will bring up the FONT APPEARANCE window.


There are several options, but right now we are interested in COLOR.824a.gif (9242 bytes)

This is a drop down menu of colors.


You can select any of the colors in the list.


When you click OK you will see the slide with the changes.

This works well for changing single words or lines on a single slide.   To change a whole slide or the whole slide show, go to FORMAT and do SLIDE COLOR SCHEME 824c.gif (4812 bytes)


This will bring up the slide color scheme window. 


There are two versions.

The first will allow you to select from pre established schemes.

Look at the options

824d.gif (12624 bytes)

Simply click on the scheme you would like to use.


Click on APPLY to make changes to the current slide.


APPLY TO ALL will change all the slides to the new scheme.


Now look at the custom menu.

824e.gif (9476 bytes)

Notice that on the right side there is a sample of what the colors will look like.

Click on one of the elements (like TEXT AND SHADOWS).


Then click CHANGE COLOR.


You will see the following window.

824f.gif (22128 bytes)

Click on the color you want to use.


Notice on the lower right corner is a comparison area.


Click OK when you are done choosing.


When you are done adjusting all the colors, click either APPLY or APPLY TO ALL.

You should see the new color scheme.

Exercise #1

Adjust the colors on one of the slides in your sample presentation. home

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