Computer Fundamentals for Teachers



14.1 Establish classroom policies and procedures that ensure compliance with copyright law, fair-use guidelines, security, and child protection

14.1.1 Discuss the LEA Copyright Policy or Acceptable Use Policy
14.1.2 Give list of actions and identify violations of copyright law
14.1.3 Develop procedures and policies as a collaborative classroom project
14.1.4 Develop web page development policies or guidelines for child protection (electronic publishing of names and/or photographs), etc.

14.2 Ensuring equal access to media and technology resources for all students

14.2.1 Maintain sign-up sheet
14.2.2 Monitor student Log of Use
14.2.3 Publish a checklist of resources for all to use
14.2.4 Arrange centers to facilitate access for all users

Demonstrate knowledge through practical application:

14.3 Social, legal, and ethical issues related to technology use

14.3.1 Discuss network security and Acceptable Use Policy
14.3.2 Use NC Computer Skills Curriculum - Ethical Issues Lesson Plans
14.3.3 Role play situations that involve illegal copying of software with a discussion to follow
14.3.4 Discuss personal property and personal responsibility
14.3.5 List examples of ethical and unethical issues; use videos such as Don’t Copy That Floppy and its lesson plans (Order from the Software Publishers Association, 1-800-388-7478)


Expanded Competencies

Demonstrate knowledge through practical application:

9.4 Plan/produce a linear multimedia presentation

9.4.1 sorry no tutorial available

9.5 Plan/produce a non-linear, hypermedia presentation

9.5.1 sorry no tutorial available

9.6 Use a file compression utility

9.6.1 sorry no tutorial available

9.7 Input and digitize sound from microphone and audiocassette player/recorder

9.7.1 sorry no tutorial available

9.8 Create simple animations

9.8.1 sorry no tutorial available

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