How do I use Eudora?

A. check mail
B. send mail
C. send files to others

A. Check mail

1. Configure Eudora

2. Go to the menu bar and choose "FILE" then select "CHECK MAIL"

3. Enter your password on the screen that appears (see below):

edura10.jpg (28276 bytes)

Click OK.

4. Your mail should appear in the "INBOX" or you will see an error message.   See below:

error.jpg (10203 bytes)
If you see an alert like the one above, check the SETTINGS!

5. New messages appear with a dot next to them.  Double click on the message to read it.

B. Send mail

1. Choose "MESSAGE" from the menu bar and then "NEW MESSAGE"

A new mail message will appear on the screen.  See the window below:

message.jpg (18888 bytes)

A = type the E-mail address of the person you are sending the message to here.
B = type a short title for the message here.
C = OPTIONAL type the E-mail address of somebody else that you are sending a copy to here.
D = type your message here.

2. Fill in the recipient's address and type your message.

3. Click on "SEND"

4. If no error message appears, the message has been sent.

C. Send a file to somebody else

1. Start by creating a message just like any other message. 

Don't send it yet though.

2. Choose "MESSAGE" from the menu bar and then choose "ATTACH FILE"

3.    Find the file you want to send. See below:

edura14.jpg (22601 bytes)

The computer will prompt you to find the file you want to attach.
Double click within the center of the window to move into folders.
When you have found the file you want to send, click on the "ATTACH" button.

3.    Check that the document is attached.  See below:

edura15.jpg (22872 bytes)

Notice, that on the attachment line, the computer has automatically filled in the name of the document.

4. Now click on "SEND" to send your file and message.

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