Teacher resources

This what the database looks like

The North Carolina Department of Tourism

The North Carolina department of cultural resources

The Division of Archives and History

Information and history of the historic roadside marker program

Information on having a site identified by a marker

On-line form to fill in and print for having a site identified by a marker

A rivers and trains lesson plan

Creating my own history (4th grade writing lesson plan based on North Carolina History)

Project Timeline:

Registration will open on Halloween (there is no fee this is just to be sure only educators enter things)

Data entry will begin after Thanksgiving

Searches should be fruitful beginning in January 2001

Soon you will see other resources for you that will assist you in using this project to teach both North Carolina History in a meaningful manner and computer skills (databases) in a new manner.

For now think in terms of tracing history through the ages as it moves across North Carolina and settles near rivers and railroads.