Easy to use!

Lets start with some of the simplest issues.
First depending on the system your school system is using, you can easily save the files to the web.  Well here is a simple trick to make everybody's life easier

Did you know that word documents are web enabled (mostly).  If the user does not have Word, supply a link to the word viewer from Microsoft.  Or just save the documents as text, you will loose the formatting but save the need to use an HTML editor.

Do you use PowerPoint?  did you know it goes on the web directly (if your users do not have PowerPoint on their computer, provide a link to the Microsoft free viewer)

Have you ever wanted students to have a spreadsheet?  Excel can go on the web, and their is a free viewer from Microsoft.  (hey, we might as well put the monopoly to good use while it lasts)

What this does is save you steps and makes the whole system easier to use.  You might want to put links to the required plugins on the homepage for the school etc.

OH!  Did I mention that Microsoft isn't the only company that uses plug ins?  Have you ever put a review together in Hyperstudio?  Well now it is available at the public library if you like!

copyright 1999 Christopher I. Cobitz