Artistic development on a computer

Brief Description:
Student will use computers to develop a piece of graphic art.

Main Curriculum Area: Computer

Grade Level: Secondary

Approximate Time Required: 5 hours

Primary Goal and Objective: 3.2

Other Goals & Objectives from the NC Standard Course of Study:
For use in art classes

Other Subjects Covered: Arts

Teacher's Lesson Goals/Objectives:
Students will explore the computer as a medium for graphic expression.

Technology Resources Needed (computer hardware, software, etc.):
one Windows computer for each student working on the project concurrently
a color printer (optional)
Paint Shop Pro software (see web site below)

In the course of normal instruction, students should be introduced to the issues involved in the graphic arts. Additionally, students should have some knowledge of using a mouse and a computer.

Students create a new piece of artwork using the software (other programs may be used).

The product should be evaluated in the same manner as other pieces of art created by students.

Supplemental Resources / Information for Teachers (handouts, background information, bibliographies, examples of student work, etc.):
web graphics libraries to demonstrate computer visual arts.

Relevant Web Sites:

Additional Comments from the Author of This Lesson:
These materials were developed to support and enhance the use of 1998 K-12 Computer/Technology Skills Standard Course of Study.

About the Author:
Christopher I. Cobitz (NCA&T State University)