Content tutorials for secondary subjects

Brief Description:
Students use technology to produce materials for teaching content area objectives.

Grade Level: Secondary

Primary Goal and Objective: 2.1

Other Goals & Objectives from the NC Standard Course of Study:
Students will be able to communicate concepts and factual knowledge effectively through the use of technology. The exact goals and content area are dependent on the content used for the project.

Other Subjects Covered: Arts, Information, Second Languages, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Vocational, Healthful Living, Science

Teacher's Lesson Goals/Objectives:
Students will use technology to impart knowledge to their peers. The student will use the technology to present information most effectively.

Materials/Resources Needed:
reference materials on content area, teacher lecture notes preferred

Technology Resources Needed (computer hardware, software, etc.):
Computer with non-linear multimedia authoring package.

Students should form alliances with content teachers. They should choose a topic that is heavily vested in factual knowledge.

Students work with a content teacher to develop a framework for the presentation structure of the material. Student then returns to class to turn the outline into a multimedia educational unit with self-scoring quizes. The culminating activity is the use of the material within the content classroom.

Content teachers will grade the material as acceptable, useful, or unacceptable. The technology teacher will grade the presentation in terms of technical issues.

Additional Comments from the Author of This Lesson:
These materials were developed to support and enhance the use of 1998 K-12 Computer/Technology Skills Standard Course of Study.

About the Author:
Originally used with Introduction to Computers at East Davidson High School (as taught by Christopher I. Cobitz)