Language arts and the computer

Christopher I. Cobitz Ph.D.



Some obvious uses include….doing drafts on the computer to rewrite for the writing process, writing and posting on the web, doing newspapers and newsletters.


A more complete unit is….


After teaching some of the fundamentals of descriptive writing, allow the students to hunt on the net for photos of locations.  Require them to acquire three different pictures.  The first should be a landscape (no people allowed), the second should be a person, and the third should be an animal.


The project is to have the students place the three photos into a document.  The student should then write a descriptive paragraph on each photo (focusing on the characteristics of the photo’s main character or setting).  For each photo the student should also write an additional paragraph with characteristics that are not observed.


Finally the student should be asked to write a story combining the person, the animal and the location.  A possible pre writing activity could be to read an adventure such as call of the wild.


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