Computer Fundamentals for Teachers

Competency # 5 Databases


5.1 Use information from an existing database

5.1.1 Describe the difference between a print database and a computer database
5.1.2 Use a prepared database to enter data
5.1.3 Add a record to an existing database
5.1.4 Delete a record to an existing database
5.1.5 Search a database for specific information

5.2 Sort a database by specific fields, add and delete record

5.2.1 Use a database to sort records
5.2.2 Use a database to search for desired information given 1 criterion
5.2.3 Use a database to search for desired information given 2 criteria (using "and", "or", or "not" connectors)
5.2.4 Use sorting and searching techniques to solve a specific problem

5.3 Create database with multiple fields and records

5.3.1 Create database with multiple fields
5.3.2 Create database with multiple fields and varying field sizes
5.3.3 Create database with multiple records

5.4 Create custom layouts including columnar reports

5.4.1 Create a database layout/report utilizing various word processing skills (including fonts, size, style, alignment, and borders)
5.4.2 Create a database layout/report with headers and footers
5.4.3 Create a database layout to match an existing form
5.4.4 Create a database report with calculated summaries
5.4.5 Print a database Print individual records and/or forms Print a database list/multiple records Print a customized database report

5.5 Insert database fields into word processing document

5.5.1 Create a word processing document with inserted database fields
5.5.2 Print a merged word processing/database document


Expanded Competencies

Demonstrate knowledge through practical application:
5.6 Terms such as database, field, record, layout, sort/arrange, search/select/filter, mail merge

5.6.1 sorry no tutorial available

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