Computer Fundamentals for Teachers

Competency # 7 Telecommunications


7.1 Connect to the Internet or an on-line service

7.1.1 Check physical connections before attempting log on Check that all telecomputing hardware is turned on and check cable connections
7.1.2 Locate and use connection software (configuration & client)
7.1.3 Connect to Internet via an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a user ID and password
7.1.4 Be aware of commercial providers and their services

7.2 Use Electronic Mail (compose, send, retrieve, read, respond)

7.2.1 Compare the process of sending and receiving messages electronically vs. non-electronically
7.2.2 Compose new e-mail (address and subject; explanation of address domains)
7.2.3 Send e-mail (concepts of carbon copy (cc) and blind carbon copy (bcc))
7.2.4 Retrieve and read e-mail
7.2.5 Reply to sender and forward e-mail
7.2.6 Save, print, and delete e-mail

7.3 Access and use resources on Internet and World Wide Web

7.3.1 Identify computers as tools for accessing current information (concept of Internet as a large network and database)
7.3.2 Use browser software (concepts: hypertext, html, homepage)
7.3.3 Access a specific web site by entering the appropriate URL (concept of URL, http, web site)
7.3.4 Find a search engine site and perform a specific web search (list of search engines and purposes)
7.3.5 Knowledge and use of filters (software driven, server based, search engine inclusive)

Demonstrate knowledge through practical application:

7.4 Terms such as telecommunications, direct access, dial-in access, modem, baud rate, Internet, World Wide Web

7.4.1 Identify telecomputing terms (i.e., telecommunications, direct access, dial-in access, modem, baud rate, Internet, World Wide Web, telnet)

7.5 Obtain/maintain an account on the Internet or an on-line service that provides Internet access

7.5.1 Knowledge of local accounts and access
7.5.2 Knowledge of commercial accounts and access

7.6 On-line conferences relevant to professional information needs

7.6.1 Be aware of on-line conference relevant to professional information

7.7 Use of Telnet to connect to a remote computer on the Internet

7.7.1 Connect to county or university library


Expanded Competencies

Demonstrate knowledge through practical application:

7.8 Connect a computer to a modem and telephone line for dial-in access

7.8 sorry no tutorial available

7.9 Install and configure telecommunications software

7.9 sorry no tutorial available

7.10 Upload a text file and send as electronic mail

7.10 send an attachment with Eudora

7.11 Use specialized e-mail lists relevant to professional information needs

7.11 sorry no tutorial available

7.12 Create and use group addresses for electronic mail

7.12 sorry no tutorial available

7.13 Read, save, print, reply to, forward electronic mail

7.13 sorry no tutorial available

7.14 Use Gopher to browse resources on the Internet

7.14 sorry no tutorial available

7.15 Use FTP to send or retrieve files from remote computers

7.15 sorry no tutorial available

7.16 Use effectively distance learning, desktop video conferencing, and teleteaching technologies

7.16 sorry no tutorial available

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