Computer Fundamentals for Teachers

Competency # 4 Spreadsheet/Graphing


4.1 Interpret and communicate information in an existing spreadsheet

4.1.1  Understand the concept of a spreadsheet and relate a print spreadsheet to an electronic spreadsheet
4.1.2 Understand the possibilities of spreadsheet calculations
4.1.3 Given a print spreadsheet and an electronic spreadsheet, interpret and communicate information from each

4.2 Enter data in an existing spreadsheet

4.2.1 Given a spreadsheet template, enter data in a cell(s)
4.2.2 Use the entry bar for data entry and editing
4.2.3 Print a spreadsheet (with no text formatting, etc.)
4.2.4 Manipulate data within an existing spreadsheet in order to solve a problem.

4.3 Create a spreadsheet with rows, columns, headings

4.3.1   Fill in the boxes

4.4 Create/copy formulas and functions to perform calculations

4.4.1 Understand the three basic types of cells (label, value, and formula)  Format a cell or range of cells for the following: currency, date, time, percentage, fixed decimal Protect a cell or range of cells Create spreadsheet with labels and values Create a formula using a formula indicator symbol, cell references, and operations symbols (+-*/) Understand order of operations as it relates to writing a spreadsheet formula (PEMDAS)

4.4.2 Create a formula using functions (SUM and AVERAGE) and a range of cells  Be aware of other functions available Be aware of look up tables and their use

4.4.3 Copy values using fill down and fill across Copy formulas using fill down and fill across Be aware of relative and absolute value as it relates to copying formulas

4.4.4 Change the appearance of a spreadsheet by inserting columns and rows Change the appearance of a spreadsheet using column width and row height Change the appearance of a spreadsheet using gridlines, headers, and footers Change the appearance of a spreadsheet using text features for label cells Change the appearance of a spreadsheet using hiding and freezing/splitting

4.5 Create a graph from spreadsheet data

4.5.1 Know the three basic types of graphs (bar, pie, line) and their uses
4.5.2 Using a previously created graph, select a range of data and choose the appropriate graph
4.5.3 Change and refine a graph's appearance to include headers, legend, labels, series, axes, color, etc.)
4.5.4 Print a refined graph

4.6 Insert a spreadsheet into a word processing document

4.6.1 Open a word processing document and insert an existing spreadsheet into the document
4.6.2 Print a word processing document with an inserted spreadsheet
4.6.3 Insert a pre-existing graph into a word processing document
4.6.4  Insert headers and footers


Expanded Competencies

4.7 Demonstrate knowledge through practical application: Terms such as spreadsheet, cell, data entry bar, formula, function

4.7.1 sorry no tutorial available

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